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Read Alex Gray's latest novel, Questions For a Dead Man

I was delighted to be asked to interview Alex Gray, million-selling author of the DSI William Lorimer series, to mark the recent release of her 20th (!) book in the series, Questions For a Dead Man.

There was a good turnout at the evening, hosted by the wonderful Curly Coo bar in Stirling, and organised by Waterstones Stirling.

Alex is an engaging speaker and was happy to answer the wide range of questions posed to her.

Questions For a Dead Man is a great read. DSI Lorimer is faced with the disappearance of a prominent Glasgow politician, and terrorist bombing and murder, and a vicious turf war between rival drugs gangs. PC Daniel Kohi, a refugee from Zimbabwe and former police inspector himself, graduates from police college and assists Lorimer by going undercover.

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