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A review I was proud to read

I was very pleased to receive this careful, considered review of my book today. The reader has asked not to be named but I can say it is from someone I respect highly.



Set in the sixties and seventies, this psychological crime thriller by debut novelist NJ Edmunds is for one thing a real nostalgic treat for those who grew up in those days, and, for Millennials, an intriguing insight into a very different world. Our protagonist Dacre, a young Fifer studying science in Aberdeen while trying to fathom the implications of his disturbingly gruesome dreams, has to contend with among other things phone boxes, grant cheques (upside - no student loans!) and freezing flats with no telly.  Dacre also has a deep-seated phobia which he can’t account for but which, the more he delves into his subconscious, seems linked to a hidden trauma from his childhood.  The origin of the dreams and the source of his phobia are gradually revealed as Dacre uncovers some shocking family truths. There are ingenious twists and turns aplenty culminating in a gripping finale.


Miles Away displays a fine sense of place and, and, especially in the sixties-set sections, a keen ear for the way children interact with no adults around.  We’ve all been there.”


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