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A short Story.

How’s my wee man this morning?

‘How do you expect?’

Let’s get your breakfast then I’ll give your hair a nice brush.

Ah, it’ll be that bloody awful cereal again. Doesn’t she know I can’t chew it properly? That’ll be another half hour wasted’

Did you sleep well?

‘Dear God! I hope this is different just one morning!’

There you are a nice crunchy plate of cereal, just the way you always liked it.

I despair’.

I’ll just do some tidying and then we’ll brush your hair and go for a nice walk

‘Oh God, the hoover. Just once could you leave it?’

Before you had your stroke do you remember we used to go to the beach most days?

I can’t hear you at the best of times but with the hoover screaming at me? Jeesus!’

The sand’s too soft for your feet now you’re a bit unsteady, it’s a shame, you loved the sea, didn’t you?

‘Thank god she’s switched that evil beast off. You can tell she doesn't have bloody tinnitus’.

Do you remember when you were younger you used to follow me round the house all the time, at me all the time you were, you wee rascal. Always up for a cuddle. Always at me, randy wee man that you were.

‘My ears are bleeding’

There you are, your hair’s all nice, shall we go out now. Visit Mrs Phillips round the corner? Think you could go that far? You like her little sandwiches.

‘They are good, right enough’.

Oh, you’re limping badly today. We’ll need to take our time.

‘Those sandwiches are all that keep me going some days, with the junk you feed me’.

Oh, I do wish you could speak. I’d love to know what’s going on behind those misty eyes.

‘No, you wouldn’t, you stupid old cow. Oops! Cow. What’s the the word I’m looking for? Anthropomorphism? No, that’s not it.’

Here we are at last at Mrs P’s. Now be nice to her and don’t scare her. That groaning noise you make when someone wants to be nice to you! It sounded like you were growling at her yesterday. I don’t know what got into you, ever since the stroke…’

She had a cat on her lap! I’m still a bloody dog, after all.’

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