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The Writing Process

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

I have often been asked how I came to write Miles Away, where the story came from, and the processes I went through in putting it together as a meaningful story. I am a member of an online group called Start Writing Fiction Creative Writers Group and the members asked me to do a "Q&A" session to answer some of their questions.

SWFers, as we call ourselves, live in all countries and time zones and getting together for a live online discussion was impractical. Instead, I gathered as many of their questions in advance and managed to record the attached video.

It comes with a WARNING: I ramble on for 17 minutes, and I am a rank amateur film maker. Please excuse the editing. It was my first attempt.

Of course you don't have to have read Miles Away, but buying a copy will help

PS Start Writing Fiction is an online Open University course which is free to take. I would recommend it very highly. Those who have completed the course are invited to join the SWF group referred to above.

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