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The Test

He waved the green sheet of paper under my nose again. I felt the welcome air flow.

I wish I could remember to open the window in between patients.

‘But it says it’s abnormal! Look, it’s even in bold.’

‘I know what you mean, Mr Marston, but the lab actually highlights results at the top and bottom end of the normal range, it doesn’t mean there is a problem.’

‘I don’t know what you’re on about. But it’s there for a reason. I want to see a specialist.’

‘I understand it could look worrying, but it’s not meant to. It really is a warning to me, as your GP, to keep an eye on things, put it into context….’

‘I don’t care! Send me to someone who knows what they are doing!’

I know we have to share information, but this is when it is less helpful. How much time have I got?

‘I tell you what, let’s repeat the test next week, it’ll almost certainly be back to normal by then, these things fluctuate all the time, it’s normal….’

’Next week? Next bloody week! I could be dead by then!’

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