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Nearly There! Book finished......

I have finished, I think, my first full length story, just over a year after I wrote the first sentence. Now nearly 60 thousand words, after my initial editing, I think it is a good story. That will not be up to me to decide, though.

Miles Away [the current title] is the story of a family in Scotland over about ten years in the 1960/70s. The main character is the son, and we follow him through childhood, teens and early manhood as he develops a psychological problem, and searches for explanation, cause and help. Along the way there is humour, mystery and romance, with shocking mental and physical traumas, deaths and intrigue thrown in.

I hope someone wants to read Miles Away.

Sample chapters can easily be provided for anyone who wishes to contact me.


N J Edmunds

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N. J. Edmunds
N. J. Edmunds
06 jun. 2019

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