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Crime Writers' Association

Updated: May 25, 2023

As a traditionally published author, I have become eligible to join the Crime Writers' Association (CWA).

The CWA was founded in 1953 founded with the aims of providing a social network for crime writers and to help them with business matters. There are very many illustrious present and former members and I was delighted to be allowed to join.

I look forward to the advice and support I'll now be able to access as a member..

Here is a link to my CWA profile page

An exciting offshoot from the CWA is the Crime Readers' Association.

can join the CRA free, and receive an online magazine, Case Files, which has features and articles from CWA members: the authors who bring you crime fiction. The CRA site itself will allow you to read short stories, and find details about your favourite crime authors using the FIND AN AUTHOR search page.

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