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Alphabet Challenge

“Awa’ ’n’ bile yer heid, think yersel too posh fir us, eh?”

“Bisset, speak properly! ”

“C’mon, man, Ah’m only speakin’ like ma Da.”

“Dad, you mean.”

“E’s ma Da tae me.”

“For pity’s sake, speak the Queen’s English!”

“God’s sake, ye mean, ye canny even swear right!”

“How dare you, you know swearing is common.”

“If Ah’m common Ah’m proud o’ it.”

“Just try for once to better yourself.”

Kenny Bisset spat on the ground and looked scathingly at his co-worker.

“Like you, ya snobby git?”

“Mark my words, when the promotion is decided, you’ll see.”

“Nah, Ah’ve got it in the bag, man!”

“Oh do you think so, because I very much doubt it.”

“Piece o’ piss for the big man!”

“Quite what makes you think that I do not know.”

“Rab’s ma pal, he’ll see me right, or Big Rab Tamson as we ca’d him at the school.”

“Superintendent Thomson, you mean, in fact, here he comes now.”

“Hiya Tamson, how’s it hingin?”

“Union dues, boys, get yer dosh oot, an I’m about tae announce the promotion, tae, so yis’d better pay up,” said Big Rab as he came into the shed.

“Very good, Mr Thomson, I’ll await your call.”

“Whit way ur ye daein’ it this time, Rab, stickin’ a pin in the list as usual?”

“X marks the spot, and Bisset, you’re ma man!”

“You must be joking, surely, Mr Thomson?”

“Zapped, Ah tell ye, you’re zapped, Pal!”

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